Date: 5/22/19 8:24 am
From: john bishop <dmarc-noreply...> (Redacted sender bishopjg for DMARC)
Subject: [obol] hybrid grosbeak and redacted sender
Hi, I didn’t hear from anyone about this possible hybrid grosbeak, and realized it could be because I’m one of those whose email addresses is redacted. I didn’t see any way to fix this on or after logging in and reading much of the FAQ. So I unsubscribed and re-subscribed and this is a test.

Also, here’s the hybrid grosbeak post again:

Hi Obolers,
last week a possible Rose Breasted Grosbeak in Clark County, WA was posted on e-bird. I spent Saturday morning waiting at the feeder where it was seen and photographed the same bird. It seems like it might be a hybrid between RBGR and BHGR. What do you think? <>

Since the original post I’ve now looked in the Macaulay library and found a few photos of birds with similar plumage, some with a black-gray bill and some with a pink bill. gray-black bill gray-black bill pinkish bill

These photos of putative hybrids are from Steve Mlodinow with no notes.

John Bishop
Vancouver, WA
bishopjg at icloud dot com

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