Date: 5/22/19 7:18 am
From: jhershey2 <hersheyj...>
Subject: [hmbirds] Mourning Warbler, etc. - Vischer Ferry
At about 7:30 am I started hearing what sounded like a Mourning Warbler at Vischer Ferry Preserve along the main path just on the south side of the dead end trail that goes west.  I continued to hear the song for well over an hour with that "churry, churry" sound at the beginning.  I eventually got one good look at it to confirm what I was hearing, but the camera would not cooperate with a photo.  During this time I also heard and saw Blackpoll, Northern Waterthrush (as usual), Magnolia, and Wilson's Warbler.  All these birds were mostly staying low in the boggy, wet area to the right facing the river.  At least 4 other birders got to see them too.

Mourning Warbler has been a nemesis of sorts at least for Vischer Ferry, so I'm pleased to say that this warbler is the 210th species on my VFNHP list.  We missed MOWA on the Century Run on Saturday but hoping that one like this one will show up on Fox Hill Rd. on Sunday morning.  It's also my Vischer Ferry warbler #27, having started my list in 2001.

John H.

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