Date: 5/22/19 4:50 am
From: Kendall Zook <kendallzook98...>
Subject: FW: Can you help me identify a bird song? Crawford Co.
Thanks to all who helped me with this song and the others who offered to
help. Apparently this is a version of the Hooded Warbler's alternate song
that I've never heard before. So I've learned something new. I appreciate
how birders are so willing to swap advice and lend their experience very
generously. It's benefitted me before and now again. Hopefully I can pass on
the favor someday.


From: Kendall Zook [mailto:<kendallzook98...>]
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Subject: Can you help me identify a bird song? Crawford Co.

Hi all,

Could I have some help to identify a bird call. It called steadily (3 to 4
times a minute) without variation like this for over an hour. I think it
sounds like a flycatcher, and I almost think it is one of the common
flycatchers singing a crazy song. But usually a common bird singing an
uncommon song will intersperse the crazy one with a more normal one. Not so
with this bird. I tried pishing him in, but he stubbornly hugged the very
top of the treetop canopy. I could only catch a flying glimpse now and then.

I had also thought of the Hooded Warbler which will sing similarly
sometimes. But the fact that he kept to the top of the canopy and that he
never varied his song made me think that this was not a Hooded.

The woods he was in was mixed - some Eastern Hemlock mixed with oak and
maple, all mature.

I tried to post a recording to the listserv, but it wouldn't let me. The
smallest file is 11MB. If someone is willing to help me ID it, let me know
and I'll send you the recording. Thanks!

Kendall Zook

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