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Subject: [wisb] FW: RFI---Taiwan
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From: Seegert, Greg
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Subject: RFI---Taiwan


Last year I was invited to give a paper at a conference in Taiwan but couldn't make the logistics work. I was invited again this year and although the timing is difficult, I can make it work. I will be in Taiwan for 5 or so days before my conference starts on July 3 and plan to bird during that period.

Because my stay is short I won't be able to join a scheduled bird tour. Does anyone know a local guide that I could hire for a few days? Absent that I will rent a car and bird on my own. Does anyone have any places (e.g., parks, wetlands, etc) that they strongly recommend? Conversely, are there any places that you might have visited that turned out to be duds.

Also any advice on bird books for Taiwan would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any help
Greg Seegert
Beaver Dam

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