Date: 5/21/19 7:49 pm
From: Charlie Nims <charlie.nims...>
Subject: [NHBirds] WOW experience at Thompson Wildlife Sanctuary
This morning, Joe Scott and I headed down to NHA’s Thompson WS in Sandwich. We started by birding the boardwalk and viewing platform but the winds were so strong that we vacated after 15-20 minutes. Heading west to bird the area from Beede Flats Rd., we had a few species but again it was quiet. Upon returning to the sanctuary’s small parking lot, we headed east about a 100’ to where we heard a Northern Waterthrush calling. I noticed movement fairly low to the ground in a shrubby area which turned out to be a Chestnut-sided Warbler. Well, 45 minutes later with barely moving from one spot, we had 11 warbler species along with several other species.

One bird led to another and we barely were able to keep up with the action. Due to the wind, the birds were all seen below eye level, on occasion coming up to eye level or a bit higher. There were 3 Canada Warblers which just did not leave the area and continually were in the open 5’-10’ away from us along with several Am. Redstarts, a lot of Maganolia Warblers, and a Wilson’s Warbler among others.

The highlight species for us, however, was not a warbler nor a close-up Yellow-bellied Flycatcher but a Philadelphia Vireo which stayed in extremely close viewing (and photographing) range, 4’ to 8’ regularly, for 10-15 minutes. No neck straining for the Philly nor any of the birds! What a great experience, not due to any “rarity” but rather to the in-your-face views of so many gorgeous birds.

We did hit some other Carroll County areas, with highlights being an American Pipit, 27 Wood Ducks and an immature Bald Eagle at Ambrose Gravel Pit, a single Cliff Swallow and a WIlson’s Snipe at Little Farm, Bobolink and Bank Swallows along Depot Rd. (Tamworth area) and another Yellow-bellied Flycatcher at Dahl WS.

Full reports posted to eBird along with a few photos.

Charlie Nims
Bartlett, NH

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