Date: 5/21/19 4:42 pm
From: Gmail <bhaunts...>
Subject: [wisb] Painted Bunting--YES
Well the old nemesis is no more. After talking with Amy last evening I decided to make the long drive for the Painted Bunting. I called her on the way up at 8:00 and it had not shown. I decided to continue the last two hours to their place. She indicated it had been there an hour before. I waited for about 45 minutes during which Nick A and Mike (from IL) arrived. Mike spotted the bird in the brush bordering the yard. It spent a long time preening before moving to one of the feeders to feed on the ground for quite some time. Total length of sighting was almost a half hour. High fives were popular.
And two other pluses was my first Broad-winged Hawk of the year along 29 and shortly after coming to close to a dumb deer that had to cross in front of me (a few feet literally).

I think I will be "hitting the sack" soon. 12+ hours on the road is a bit much but it was fun!
Daryl Tessen
Appleton,, WI

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