Date: 5/21/19 9:02 am
From: Stephen Mirick <smirick...>
Subject: Re: [NHBirds] Bay-breasted warblers, etc, Epping
It seems to me that Bay-breasted, Cape Mays, and Tennessees have been
relatively common the last few years.  I know others report them more
regularly inland, but I still rarely see them along the seacoast.  Even
on the seacoast, however, I'm seeing more of them. I remember back in my
second year of birding in 1982 seeing lots of Cape Mays on Appledore
Island when I took a class out there.  They were everywhere!  I thought
they would be like that every year.  But alas, they just disappeared. 
There were many years, that I never recorded Cape Mays.  Now the numbers
seem to be going up again.

These three species are spruce budworm specialists and their populations
explode with outbreaks of the Eastern Spruce Budworm.  I suspect there
is an outbreak somewhere to our north!

According to wikipedia:

>  In 20th-century eastern Canada, the major outbreaks occurred in
> periods circa 1910–20, c. 1940–50, and c. 1970–80. (reportedly
> 1974-1982 in northern New England). These outbreaks impacted,
> respectively, 10, 25, and 57 million hectares
> <> of forest. Longer-term
> tree-ring studies suggest that spruce budworm outbreaks have been
> recurring approximately every three decades since the 16th century.
> Paleoecological <> studies
> suggest the spruce budworm has been breaking out in eastern North
> America <> for thousands of
> years.


On 5/21/2019 11:37 AM, Greg Tillman wrote:
> A little further down Mast Rd, I had two BAY-BREASTED WARBLERS, males, on the Birch Rd trail on the south side of mast rd, and another one on the Scout trail north of mast rd. Seems like this species has picked up some in recent years?
> -Greg
> Epping

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