Date: 5/21/19 7:21 am
From: DAN SCHEIMAN <birddan...>
Subject: White-winged Dove - NO, Inca Dove - YES
This morning I walked along Harper Rd. and Frazier Pike (Pulaski Co.) in search of the White-winged Dove. No luck with that, but as soon as I stepped out of the car I heard an Inca Dove calling from the trees in the lot on the northwest corner of Harper & Frazier. Later, without me seeing it, it moved across Harper to behind the houses on the southwest corner, still calling repeatedly. The one time I'm not looking for this species is when I find it without trying.

Along Harper Rd. I picked up three more species the Early Birds & The Worms could have used on our BirdLR Birdathon on Saturday - Cattle Egret, Horned Lark, and American Kestrel.

Dan Scheiman

Little Rock, AR

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