Date: 5/19/19 3:51 pm
From: Stephen Mirick <smirick...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Dawn & Dusk MIGRATION! (Goldfinches, swifts, hummingbirds, WW Scoters, Brant, etc.)
Jane and I had a great time this weekend.  We are now in  the peak of
migration and the birds are pouring into and passing through the State. 
We were out most of the weekend in the seacoast and managed 130 species
without any major effort or rarities except for an extraordinary
PROTHONOTARY WARBLER found by Andrew McTammany in Exeter yesterday.

My impression is that migration has been a bit slow along the coast due
to the weather.  There are still some early spring migrants lingering
today (R-C Kinglets, B-H Vireo, W-T Sparrows), and we're still lacking
several species including Pewee and Indigo Bunting.

But the raw, inclement weather from the previous week broke free and led
to a nice strong front with NW winds yesterday morning.  This resulted
in a nice flight of some spring migrants along the immediate coastline. 
Interestingly, there is a predictable pattern of dawn and dusk migration
at this time of year with this weather pattern.  Yesterday we managed to
capture both in the same day. Burning the Birding candle on both ends as
Jane says!

The following list is MIGRATING birds only.  Heading north along the
shoreline and passing through NH at Dawn and Dusk:

Comments:     3 hour morning migration following several days of
inclement weather and passage of front late the day before.  Brisk NW
winds for the entire period and blue skies.  Excellent flight of
goldfinches, swifts, and hummingbirds!  Very busy first hour. Lessening
later, but hummingbirds picked up later.

Mourning Dove  2
CHIMNEY SWIFT  115     Migrating. Excellent migration and my highest
migration count ever for swifts!  Prior high of 89 on 5/10/16.
RUBY-THROATED HUMMINGBIRD  25     Migrating. Excellent migration and my
highest migration count ever for hummingbirds.  Prior high of 18 on 5/11/14.
Least Sandpiper  6
Short-billed Dowitcher  2
Greater Yellowlegs  7
Common Loon  10
Double-crested Cormorant  47
Great Blue Heron  1
American Kestrel  1
Merlin  2
Blue Jay  22
Purple Martin  1     Female migrating.  Not a local.
Tree Swallow  150
Bank Swallow  15
Barn Swallow  39
Cliff Swallow  13
Cedar Waxwing  14
AMERICAN GOLDFINCH  1,496     Migrating. Constant flocks.  Mostly 10 to
40 birds. Our fourth highest spring count. Prior counts of 1,989 on
5/11/12, 1,516 on 5/7/08, and 1,504 on 5/11/09.
Red-winged Blackbird  7
Brown-headed Cowbird  19
Common Grackle  4
Scarlet Tanager  1     Unusual sighting of a male flying by early in AM.

Comments:     Evening migration watch with Jason Lambert.  First flocks
at about 6 PM.  Continued until nearly 8 PM.  Not a huge flight, but
respectable with some nice flocks.

Brant  96     Including one single flock of at least 80.
Surf Scoter  7
WHITE-WINGED SCOTER  672     Numerous small flocks migrating. Largest
flock of 73.  Five previous counts of over 2,000.  All between May 18
and May 24.
Black Scoter  13
Long-tailed Duck  212     Nice spring flight (for us).  One flock
estimated at 125.
Red-breasted Merganser  6
Laughing Gull  2
Common Loon  1     Plus at least 14 on water.
Double-crested Cormorant  6

Steve & Jane Mirick
Bradford, MA

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