Date: 5/19/19 10:42 am
From: Tim Hahn <thahnbirder...>
Subject: [wisb] Re: hooded warbler reported at Whitnall
Commonality is related both to location and recency, and highly dependent
on the frequency and skill of observations, and knowledge of the observer.
The word "common" is also relative, having both technical and colloquial
While Hooded Warblers have been regular breeders in the Mangan Woods,
across the street from Wehr, for several years, they aren't necessarily
easy to find even when they're present. They're excellent skulkers, and
even if you know their song and where to look, they're often tough to spot.
You may know they are present and still need to visit their territory often
to perceive them as common.

So I don't think we need to scold anyone for hyping a supposed common bird,
or harp on semantics. If someone sees a Hooded Warbler, their day is made!
This listserv is best when we are sharing information, keeping an open mind
as to each others' skill levels, staying positive and encouraging, without
getting to preachy. (Sorry for getting a little preachy about being

Good Birding!

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