Date: 5/19/19 9:18 am
From: JimC <wetstuff...>
Subject: Re: [MDBirding] A travel alert to parts of the Eastern Shore
On Saturday, May 18, 2019 at 2:03:47 PM UTC-4, Steve Long wrote:
> My strategy for dealing with deer flies is as follows:  Take advantage
> of their preference for lighting high on their "prey" by removing a
> glove or opening s shirt sleeve and holding your arm up a little, then,
> when they light there, be ready to take advantage of their slow (for
> flies) reflexes and swat them with your other hand.  This eliminates
> THAT fly from the equation, but needs to be repeated for each fly as it
> starts buzzing you.  Just waving at them usually results in a whole
> swarm of flies building up in the air around you, and one will get in a
> bite while you are trying to deal with another one.  BTW, I have often
> seen swatted deer flies drop onto a road or sidewalk, then recover and
> fly away.  So, I make sure that I grind them with my foot while they are
> down to make sure they NEVER get up again.
> Steve Long, Oxford

Ya, Steve... They are tough. I stopped trying to kill them, there are simply too many. The 'workaround' is simply bailing when it is hot enough for them to start landing vs just mobbing you. I quit weedwacking the front ditch at about 10 am today, Sunday. There are fewer if I work in the woods.

James, I think I also heard about 'Blue'. From having to negotiate for territory with them for the last 25+ years, I find the temperature my best indicator. A white t-shirt is fine - 'till it is hot.

Ok, Gail... I will let you know. I just ordered a LS striped T-shirt from Amazon. I will look like I wandered off a County work-gang, but I am all for fewer bites.


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