Date: 5/18/19 4:56 pm
From: Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>
Subject: hotspot mapping
Call me weird if you want... (well, maybe not.)
I like things to be in order and organized to some degree. And I like
using eBird a lot. But, I like things to be accurate...
The ozark national forest near me is a good sized forest with several
good spots to bird within it. But there aren't enough hotspots dividing
it up. So someone could do an eBird list in one corner and then use the
hotspot for the WHOLE thing. That just doesn't seem right. So a couple
months ago I started trying to figure out if there was a way I could
label some more areas within. I emailed and emailed different
organizations... some forwarded my emails to other people, and other
people. I finally got some maps sent to me that have it all divided up
into compartments. It's a little helpful and I think for a few areas, it
might work. For other areas, I might want to find a different way to
label them... perhaps the roads/route numbers that dissect it.

The reason I'm emailing the group is to see if anyone else is interested
in this project, someone that's into eBird and wants to go exploring.
(Or if someone wants to take over this project, HA)
I don't have anything quite planned out yet but I think I'm going to
plan some small trips into certain areas within the forest to try and
decide a way to divide that forest up into more manageable hotspots for
eBird.  Part of me is overwhelmed by the idea of getting this done but
part of me is excited too as I will find some very interesting spots out
there. There's some thick forest out there and one year I heard a
burrowing owl calling that I didn't quite realize at the time and now
I'm kicking myself for not following the sound so I could get home in
time. HA.  Also found like 6 red-headed woodpeckers(if I remember
correctly) on just one stretch of road... A few trails that extend off
the roads... Some sort of salamander eggs were in some water filled tire
tracks one day, I think most got run over by forestry people the next
day but they were still cool to find.
I might find some hidden gems out there as far as location goes, as well
as birds. I kind of wish I started this a few weeks ago. Still don't
know when I'll start but, I should. There's one spot where my daughter
and I explored where we could hear a kentucky warbler singing and we
stumbled upon a black-billed cuckoo during migration. So much nice
habitat there, and close to where I live, so I need to really get in
there and explore and map things out for future reference as well as
better eBird data that would help other people as well.

Anyway... Just thought I'd check to see if there's any interest in
exploring some of the national forest between 412 near Siloam and Lake
Wedington. I'll have to do some planning so I don't try to do the whole
forest in a day. :)

Daniel Mason

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