Date: 5/16/19 8:13 am
From: Lars Norgren <larspernorgren...>
Subject: [obol] Western Flycatcher
Is the morning really wiser than the evening? Rufous and Allen's
Hummingbirds routinely hybridize, as do Anna's and Costa's Hummingbirds.
The hybrids display a patois of territorial flights. Has anyone questioned
the validity of any of the above four species? Let's get personal. Homo
sapiens has been documented to hybridize with H.neanderthalensis AND
H.altaiensis. l'm sure the list will grow. Guess we're not real. The former
AOU lumped and promptly resplit the Baltimore and Bullock's Orioles. They
lumped the flickers and butterbutt at the same time as the orioles, but
have practiced a contradictory inertia in resplitting them. God may not
play dice, but the AOS taxonomic committee does at least once a year.lpn

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