Date: 5/15/19 7:27 pm
From: Scott Kinzey <0000007977429723-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Common Nighthawks in Western Pennsylvania
    I have spent a lot of time in recent years trying to map out the locations where Common Nighthawks have nesting season territories in Western Pennsylvania.  It has become my favorite bird and their schedule suits my schedule as I am used to shift work and being awake at odd hours.
    I grew up in and now own a house in Verona, PA which is along the Allegheny River just outside of Pittsburgh.  In the eighties there were nighthawks on the main street and at possibly two locations up on the hill.  One site was St. Joseph's Church and School and the other was the Verona Firehall.  Verona no longer has nighthawks.  The last one I heard near suitable habitat (flat roofs) was in May 2015 but it did not stay.  There was at least one pair in Oakmont last summer and one or more pairs in Springdale.  Other nearby places where they are hanging on include Tarentum, Etna, the Strip District through Lawrenceville, the South Side, East End areas like East Liberty, Bloomfield, Shadyside and Oakland, the North Side and Ohio River towns from West End through McKees Rocks, Neville Island, Coraopolis, Edgeworth, Leetsdale, Ambridge and possibly Beaver.  North of Pittsburgh they are still at Butler, Meadville, Sharon and probably Erie.  Outside of these areas they are becoming scarce and absent from most historial locations.  I enjoy chasing after them and if anyone can add to the discussion please do.  I frequently watch eBird for leads.
    Last year a few people did nightjar surveys that were part of a project, I forget the name.  I will be repeating it this year and I imagine the others will also.
    Please excuse the spacing and strange characters if present.  I still cannot make this go away.  Help.

Scott KinzeyAllegheny County
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