Date: 5/15/19 1:53 pm
From: Jim Edlhuber <jimedlhuber...>
Subject: [wisb] SUMMER TANAGER ~ 1st year male Wehr Nature Center MKE Co. 5/15/19, some images...
Hi all,
My first birding stop this morning was Wehr Nature Center for warblers. I
was headed into Milwaukee but felt I had to check this place out first as
talk of weather pattern might give us a great day for warblers. The creek
areas were very quiet warbler wise. My next stop was over at the center
itself to check if anything had come in over night. Upon arriving a
stunning 1st year male Summer Tanager was looking right at me near the
feeders on a fence. The bird went for a bee at the hives there, perched and
ate it. It took another and perched and ate that too. The bird looked a
little tired and maybe had flown very many miles recently. On a third try
for a bee the tanager came down out of a tree and did a small window crash
but never lost flight, never hitting the ground. It was shocking to see
this happen. After that it perched fairly high for a couple of minutes and
then took off flying west. I remained at the area for another hour and it
never returned. Hopefully this beautiful bird will come back for others to
see it. A beautiful morning out with full sun, low breeze, very pleasant. I
then headed back over to the creek area for warblers and it had become very

Images of this beautiful Summer Tanager at the link below if you care to
view them:


Thanks and good birding,

Jim Edlhuber
Town of Genesee Waukesha Co.

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