Date: 5/15/19 1:48 pm
From: Brian Johnson <buntingrobinjay...>
Subject: [cobirds] Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge, Jefferson County

Today I got up early in the morning, 5ish and went out to Rocky Flats
National Wildlife Refuge to see what I could find. Turns out the early
start was good since the bird activity died down about 8ish. I parked at
the north entrance, off of 128. (If you have not been there take State
Highway 93 to 128th and go three miles, at the 3 mile sign start looking.
There is no sigh, just the NWR wooden sign and one-way access road, its
past a bend after the mile marker, also the map maker indicates a bathroom
but the porta potty is busted on the side and locked).

From I parking lot I hiked to the Lindsay Ranch, hiked that loop and
back, about 6 miles. There was nothing out of the ordinary, ebird however
flagged my Vesper Sparrow count, they are very locally abundant. The cool
bird sighing was the Wilson Snips I saw at Lindsay Ranch, which contains a
nice wetland. I could not tell for certain but the snip I saw was sitting
on a grassy hummock near a small pond and might have been on a nest. I
heard two others nearby. Other non-bird sightings were a herd of 7 Elk
cows; Elk calve hear at the Flats. At the parking lot I saw a Loggerhead
Shrike on a power line along 128, but it was gone after I spotted it. A
rather fun morning excursion, but I would recommend starting early, it gets
hotter then blazes out there and the birds settled down once it does.

Brian Johnson

Englewood CO

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