Date: 5/15/19 1:09 pm
From: Scott Varney <scottvarney1968...>
Subject: [hmbirds] Red-necked Grebe, Fort Miller
I observed a gorgeous adult-plumaged, Red-necked Grebe on the Hudson River
today at about 3:15 pm. It was awesome to see full breeding plumage...and
wait for it....a full on vocalization that included some crazy weird
grunting and hissing sounds! I ran back to my car to get my recorder, but
missed my chance. I waited for half an hour in record mode, but no dice.
Location was on River Road, approx. 100 meters north of the little parking
area next to the little "Otter" pond on the opposite side of the road.

And thus my newest endeavor...focusing on bird vocalization recordings to
compliment my happy years of bird photography! I'm loving my newest
recorder, the Tascam is the only recorder in it's class with
it's own built-in WIFI so that you can operate it with your cell phone from
100 feet away. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in bird sound
recording! Just sharing the love of birds!

Happy Birding,

Scott Varney
Salem, NY

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