Date: 5/15/19 12:33 pm
From: Beverly Propen via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] CACC
5/15-Milford, Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center, 9:55am-12:55PM. Very
high tide, receding, sunny, breezy, 65F.
The female osprey is on the nest in incubation position all morning. Male
was on perch, then sitting on camera, then on the ground (when tide
receded) and chased off 2 other ospreys.
On Marsh: 38 Mute Swans, 57 Brant, 2 Greater yellowlegs, 1 Lesser
yellowlegs(obvious difference in size when seen next to each other), 2 D.C.
On grounds & feeders: 3 Purple martins (the colony was very quiet in the
morning with only 2 birds flying around), 2 Chestnut sided warblers, 1
White crowned sparrow, 1 White throated sparrow, 2 Song sparrows, 8 House
sparrows, 12 Common Grackles, 4 Mourning doves, 4 Red winged blackbirds, 2
Cardinals, 4 House finches (the 2 males with orange coloration), 1
Orchard Oriole (male), 2 Catbirds, 1 Mockingbird, 1 Carolina Wren singing
loudly, 4 Tree swallows, 3 Blue Jays, 3 Cowbirds, 1 Red bellied woodpecker.
Then I took a walk along the LIS side - walking out, there were 3 nesting
Piping plovers, 3 Oystercatchers- 1 was sitting on nest,.
One Piping Plover was just caught and being eaten and then carried
off....the bird that caught it, I believe was an American Kestrel-very
small (maybe grackle size) but without the facial markings that I usually
see...this one was rufous/drab brown on top with some speckled markings on
lower belly and upper legs. When I looked it up in my Sibley's guide, there
is one illustration of a kestrel seen from upper view that they call
"all-rufous". that is what this bird looked like. too far for pictures.
Then in marshy area by platform, 2 Black bellied plovers.
Bev Propen, Orange
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