Date: 5/15/19 8:08 am
From: Sandy <sandra.wold...>
Subject: [cayugabirds-l] Frontenac Island Cormorants - can't we coexist?
Let's not vilify the cormorants, and strive to co-exist! Cayuga Lake is
enormous; so I find it hard to believe cormorants would deplete a fish
population. The eagle and osprey populations have been growing greatly
around the lake, so I don't think it would be fair for fishermen to blame a
supposed fish depletion on the cormorants. There could be other causes too.

I have enjoyed watching the cormorant rookery in Jetty Woods for the past
six(?) years. Before them, I recall when the Great Blue Herons had a
rookery there. Do we know 100% for sure that this is a cormorant population
explosion or could it be a temporary relocation that might last only a few
years? I've seen grackles nest around my home for a few years in a row,
then they are gone for a few years. I've seen this cycle for the past six
years with them and other species. I think it is a survival strategy to
keep predators guessing. Once the nests have been attacked too many times,
they relocate. I know I would!

And, yes, they poop and pee everywhere; and while the odor was not pleasant
at times, I did not observe any harm to vegetation at Jetty Woods as a

Let's co-exist....peace!

*S.L. Wold, author/originator/publisher of the Cayuga Basin Bioregion Map*


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