Date: 5/15/19 7:32 am
From: 'Scheim, Charles' <scheimc...> [osbirds] <osbirds...>
Subject: [osbirds] Big Day Sat May 18
Fellow Birders...
Here is another reminder of the Delaware-Otsego Audubon Society Big Day Bird
Count which occurs this coming Saturday May 18. The Big Day is a group
effort to locate as many bird species as we can in our region on Saturday.
Birders, working in groups of whatever size they desire, or alone, and
spending any amount of time (15 minutes, an hour, several hours, or all day)
within that 24 hours, will attempt to identify as many species as
possible. You can hike in our meadows and forests, stroll our city and
village streets, drive along our counties' roads, or even just stay at home
and notice whatever species come to your backyard bird feeder. Folks should
keep track of the various species they encounter by sight or sound and
report on their efforts to me (see below for specifics), the 2019 Big
Day coordinator,
Charlie Scheim. I'll post the results to OSBirds shortly thereafter.

Some birders may wish to count and report numbers of individual birds they
find; others may choose not to count individuals, but rather simply to
report what various species they discover. Either approach is perfectly
fine, but our primary goal is to count species.

I encourage everyone to spend some time Saturday observing our avian
companions. Then simply send me an email telling me your name and names of
any others working with you, where you birded, a list of the species you
found (by sight or sound), and any interesting notes you might wish to add.
I'll compile all the emails and report back to OSBirds.

If you are interested, but have not participated before, or have any
questions, please contact me at <scheimc...> and I'll try to assist
you in whatever way I can to get you started.
Dr. Charles H. Scheim
Mathematics Dept (Retired)
Hartwick College
Oneonta, NY 13820

Come to Hartwick. Get a real education. Live a good life. Help make the
world a better place.
- David Cody

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