Date: 5/15/19 4:37 am
From: Kurt <000000926143b032-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Re: Tadpole Rd property owners
The owners of the Fairbrook Wetland are Maddie and Bob Radzwich and are extraordinarily nice people.  They only own to Whitehall Rd. but have worked with Clearwater Conservancy to protect the Fairbrook Wetland from development.  The problem area is from Whitehall Rd downstream.  I believe the last name of that property owner is Connelly and he owns the farm with the white milking barn further down along Tadpole Rd.  I learned last night that he has retired and is no longer milking.   One conflict is with the people who live on the East side of the wetland as they access their property via the lane owned by Connelly that crosses his very wet field.  The other conflict is the fact that Tadpole Rd is busy and there aren't any really good places to pull over.
For those who aren't aware, there were a number of us there last night because a Black-bellied Plover had been reported earlier in the day.  Carl and I went out to see it, and as we were standing there, a Sandhill Crane came flying in and landed in the field near the Tundra Swan.  After we left, Chelsea Beck found a Wilson's Phalarope (only the 3rd county record), so we returned and with some effort, Carl relocated it.  
These fields are going to continue to be excellent for migrating shorebirds for the next few weeks.  My suggestion is to be acutely aware of where you are, park as safely as possible, and limit your time there to minimize the interaction with the locals.
Kurt Engstrom

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Subject: Re: Tadpole Rd property owners

Has anyone reached out to them face-to-face? I used to live about block from the owners of the spring-fed area to the Tussey side of the road, overlooking the wetland. The seemed like an active, bright young couple, busy with their family and projects. 
Sorry if I don't know all the back-history of exchanges with them.

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With additional great species dropping into this area Tuesday birder activity is picking up again.
Property owners have not been happy. Please do everything you can to respect their land/access.

SUGGESTION: meet up with folks at the gravel lot across from church on 45 then carpool over to view so there are less vehicles where there is only space for 1-2 anyway without starting to block things up.

I'd hate to see 'no tresspassing' signs go up!

Jen Lee

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