Date: 5/14/19 4:31 pm
From: <philliplc...>
Subject: [obol] Re: major passerine flight Immonen Rd clear cut
When I experienced this flight on May 9 (~1500 migrant passerines
passing in 2 hours) I was unaware that DougRobinson had seen a
concentration of 10000+ warblers, mostly Y-rump and Orange-crowned, in
about 2 hourspassing Finley NWR April 25. Just happened to noticehis
ebird report by chance today. Thought it was worthmentioning since it
would have been an amazing eventand it hadn't been previously noted on


-----------------------------------------From: "Phil Pickering"

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Sent: Thursday May 9 2019 12:49:25PM
Subject: [obol] major passerine flight Immonen Rd clear cut

Early this morning I ran into an impressive passerine flight
moving N/NE over the south-facing section of a clear cut ridge off S
Immonen Road SE of Siletz Bay. The L-shaped ridge crest is best
accessed from the first gate (2440) on the south side of Immonen
just past milepost 2, and walking the uphill forest road keeping to
the left at the forks. The ridge runs up to 900+ feet elevation just
2 miles from the ocean, and has a broad south-facing saddle at about
850 ft which most of the birds were passing through/over.
Interestingly Townsend's Warbler was by far the most numerous
species in the flight.
The flight may have been birds that were pushed to or over the
ocean by overnight east-component winds compressing numbers. It
rivaled (bettered in terms of diversity) anything I have seen at
Cascade Head over many years of trying to catch this type of
movement there. Difficult to capture or convey but definitely one of
those moving experiences that transcends finding rare birds. [1]



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