Date: 5/14/19 7:14 am
From: Phil Davis <pdavis...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Great MOS Opportunity Available
Hi MDBirding folks:

Opportunity: The Maryland Ornithological Society (MOS) ... aka, the
Maryland state bird club ... has an interesting volunteer opportunity
available for someone who would like to make a significant impact to
our knowledge of the history of birds and birding in Maryland. The
position is the Chair of an ad hoc committee dealing with the
digitization and archival of MOS local chapter newsletters.

Background: Last year, while extensively researching historical
regional bird records, I realized that many of our local chapters' old
newsletters (some dating back to the 1940s) contained valuable history
about Maryland rarity sightings, observers, events, and other relevant
historical information. During this research, I developed this vision
of a repository where all of the local chapters' newsletters were
archived and easily searchable, on-line. To jump start the project, I
queried the local chapters and compiled information that I could
gather about the histories of their newsletters and locations of any
archives that are currently available.

Project Vision: Unfortunately, I have too many MD/DC Records Committee
tasks and projects on my plate so I cannot be the one to take this
project further, at this time. However, the MOS Executive Board
concurs that this is a valuable project and has agreed to establish an
ad hoc committee to pursue this objective. Therefore, the MOS is
soliciting someone to take on this project as the committee Chair.
This could be someone from the current MOS Board, any member from a
local chapter, or even someone who is not currently a member of the
MOS (however, becoming an MOS member would be expected).

I can provide the local chapter newsletter summary information that I
have collected thus far and I can share my ideas and vision, but
ultimately where this project goes would be up the new committee
chair. Additional committee members could be also appointed, if
desired by the chair. This project can go any number of directions, as
determined by the interests, experience, and energy of the
volunteer(s). It might turn out that instead of one single repository,
there could be individual repositories, or perhaps the project is just
not feasible and it just comes to an end. If funds are needed for
special efforts, such as digitization, a request can be made to the
MOS Board.

To add to the excitement of this project, we recently realized that
among the records of the late Chan Robbins, he kept files of local
chapter newsletters, so we probably have a rich source of local
newsletters that we previously thought might be missing!

"Qualifications:" I think that anyone with an interest in the history
of MOS, or of Maryland birding, would be a good candidate to take on
this project. Basic computer skills are probably needed. Skills in
research, documentation management, library science, etc. might be
helpful, but are probably not required.

Solicitation: If anyone is even mildly interested in this project, let
me know. I would be glad to further discuss the opportunity and answer
any questions. If multiple people are interested, I will present a
recommendation to the MOS Board.



Phil Davis, Secretary
MD/DC Records Committee
2549 Vale Court
Davidsonville, Maryland 21035 USA

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