Date: 5/13/19 8:27 am
From: Craig Repasz via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] CT Bird Atlas Block Busting
Dear CT Birders

The CT Bird Atlas Project will focus on Block Busting activities in the second year of the Atlas breeding surveys. The idea behind Block Busting is a group of people will go to orphaned blocks or blocks that have received little to no coverage. The group spreads out in the block and birds for a few hours. The twenty-hour survey requirement could be easily met with these activities and could quickly complete the block.
There are many organizations and informal individual groups who could support the CT Bird Atlas by Block Busting. The birders may not be familiar with the terrain, state forests and parks and other open space that is available. If you and a group of friends are interested in Block Busting in an area new to you please contact me at <ctbirdatlasvol...><mailto:<ctbirdatlasvol...>.

I will provide charts that list the open spaces in the orphaned blocks in an area of interest.

We should target to have the Block Busting events in the months of June and July, well after our fabulous warbler migration is over.

A representative of an organization or group planning a block busting event will need to do some research and work with the Regional Coordinator and the CT Bird Atlas Volunteer Coordinator to help assure that they will have a fun and productive event.

Craig Repasz
CT Bird Atlas Volunteer Coordinator

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