Date: 5/12/19 12:42 pm
From: Mary Garrard <springazure1...>
Subject: [obol] question about Vaux's Swift roosts in Corvallis
Hi, Bev Clark and I ran around last evening to some of the known Corvallis roosts. We had just a few random swift sightings and no luck with seeing any roosts in use. We particularly checked the Old World Deli chimney because of Joel’s post about the awkward swift/tree encounter from yesterday but no luck there either. According to Larry Schwitters, migration might have already peaked, a bit early, so that could explain it.

In any case, a while back, maybe last year, someone (and sorry I don’t remember who) told me that they had seen a large number of swifts using a chimney across the river from the end of the path that goes by Willamette Park. I assumed that would be where the path ends in the Southtown development near the community room and swimming pool. So Bev and I raced down there but there wasn’t a chimney that we could see across the river, only leafed out trees (not to denigrate leafed-out trees!).

If that person sees this, please respond and tell me where this chimney might be. It occurred to us that it could be over at the Stahlbush Farm somewhere, but that is much farther north than I thought. I’m crossposting to OBOL to cast a wider net.

Thanks for any information!


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