Date: 5/10/19 4:35 pm
From: Roy Gerig <roygerig...>
Subject: [obol] 5/10/19 Detroit Flats, should be peak migration
This post will be like I am Debbie Downer if I was female. May the 10th,
no better day of the year to see a lot of birds, migrant and nesters and
resident. I drove toward Detroit, got caught behind a highway striping
crew (I doubt they do that even every 10 years, and it was today) for half
an hour or more at 5 miles an hour you cannot pass because the paint is
wet. I got to the Flats of Detroit and spent 40 minutes walking the trail,
you can see my eBird checklist, no migrants or neotrops at all unless you
count one CALLIOPE HUMMINGBIRD and one YR WARBLER. I drove up French Creek
Road 3.5 miles and saw, heard nothing up there either but a ROBIN or two.

On the way back home, I was caught by the same road striping crew for half
an hour at 5 mph, they had just turned around below Big Cliff Dam

I have spent most of my 71 years watching birds and other living things,
and made my living that way in much of it. And I still cannot predict
anything at all about birds or their movements. I have never seen the
Detroit area so empty of birds

On a brighter side, I saw at least two RIVER OTTERS bothering two pairs of
CANADA GEESE. Maybe they will eat their eggs or something

Roy Gerig Salem OR

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