Date: 5/9/19 9:48 pm
From: Kay Carter <KayCarter...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Have you heard this bird?
Yes, I have heard that bird. Or one very like it – back in 2011. Here’s the OBOL post I wrote back then:

On Jul 4, 2011, at 1:20 PM, Kay Carter wrote:

On 4/27/11, I first heard a bird song I couldn’t identify in the area of north Canby I visit frequently. When I finally tracked it down, I was surprised to see a male Common Yellowthroat. Two or three Yellowthroats set up territories in the area every year, so that wasn’t odd in itself. But this bird was singing a most unyellowthroat-like song.

This bird is still singing – as is the “normal” Yellowthroat on the adjacent territory – and this morning I finally realized that the camcorder function on my smart phone might be good enough to capture the song. So, I offer this “video.” There’s not much to see – the bird in question is far too far from the camera to be seen (but you can detect it flying out of the tree and down to the right, which I “expertly” followed with the camera, at the end of the clip). It was also uncooperative about having a still photo taken. But, if you turn your volume up while playing the clip, you should be able to hear its song.

I am certain that the singer is a Yellowthroat. Since the song is so uncharacteristic, and since there’s been so much discussion of hybrid warblers on OBOL this spring, I took another good long look at it this morning. I was unable to detect any plumage features that seem out of place for Yellowthroat, though I will give him high marks for staying far away and being well concealed behind leaves and deep in shrubbery. The bird is bright yellow below, from throat to undertail coverts, with the black “Zorro” mask topped by white. The top of the bird is greenish yellow.

Here’s the link to the clip:

I’ll be happy to provide location details to anyone who would like to go see and hear this bird for him/herself.

Kay Carter

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Subject: [obol] Have you heard this bird?

Hello birders,

Here's a link to a video that has an unusual song for the species of bird making it. Of all the recordings I've heard on the internet of song variations within the species I haven't heard one like this at all. I would love to hear from some of you more experienced birders what you think of this and whether you have heard this species singing this song before? I uploaded the videos to be private on YouTube but anyone with the link can view them.

The first link recorded the song really well, but you can't see the bird on purpose, it's a test :-). If you click "show more" in the video description section I put the species there.

This second link is to the video that shows the bird. Hopefully you can confirm my ID even with the bad video quality.

Happy birding!

Erick Shore

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