Date: 5/9/19 3:46 pm
From: Kim & Jeff <jkbrinker...>
Subject: Re: Erythristic Hairy Woodpecker, Mercer County
I've been on alert since it showed up around 4, but it has not
reappeared yet. It was only here for about 5 or 10 minutes before (I
assume) being intimidated by the grackles, redwings, and jays. The
camera is ready...

Jeff Brinker
Mercer, Mercer County

On 5/9/2019 6:33 PM, Glenn Koppel wrote:
> This is a really interesting sighting! Can you get a picture of this? Do you do e-bird? This would be a great sighting for the e-bird database and also the PSO database. If you can get a picture, I would really like to see it.
> Thanks,
> Glenn Koppel
> PSO Mercer County Compiler
> Mercer and Lawrence County e-bird reviewer.
>> On May 9, 2019, at 4:49 PM, Kim& Jeff<jkbrinker...> wrote:
>> At our feeders today was what I can only guess was a possibly erythristic Hairy Woodpecker. The breast was almost the orangish-pink shade of a red-breasted nuthatch, but the same coloration affected every normally white feather, including the stripes, head and face, and belly.
>> Jeff Brinker
>> Mercer, Mercer County
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