Date: 5/9/19 3:36 pm
From: Mary Garrard <springazure1...>
Subject: [obol] Pilot Truck Stop exit update (I-5 exit 263)
Hi all. Driving to Portland just now I pulled off at the exit 263/Pilot
truck stop exit and took a quick look around. About a month ago I had
noticed that there were Great Blue Heron nests in the cottonwoods on the SE
corner of that exit and there were raptors, coyotes, and GBH's galore at
that time.

The cottonwoods are now completely leafed out. I saw a lone Heron flying
across the field. There were several raptors perched on fence posts or the
watering system, including a kestrel and a couple of red-tailed hawks. A
coyote was getting plenty to eat in the field.

There were lots of cows in the field. I couldn't tell if one dark lump far
out in the field was a cow lying down sleeping with its ears twitching and
its tail flicking, or a dead cow with vultures eating lunch.

So, not as birdy as it was a month ago. But still a nice stop. Except for
the traffic from the freeway and the highway. Fortunately for the GBHs,
they're well hidden in the leafed-out cottonwoods, so maybe the traffic
noise isn't a deterrent to their successful nesting.

Happy birding!


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