Date: 5/9/19 11:17 am
From: Emily Mitchell <info...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Re: Be careful - ticks
As a victim to Lymes disease and also the mammal meat allergy Alpha-Gal which is transmitted from the Lone-Star Tick I am well versed with tick illnesses and tick prevention. All it takes is a bite to have the illness transmitted. It is a myth that a tick needs to be embedded at least 24 hours to be given Lymes disease.

Interesting that the CDC still does not include Alpha-Gal as a tick-born disease as it is actually an allergy to the sugar in the proteins of mammal meat. It is quite prevalent in Anne Arundel County. If you have been bit by a Lone-star tick and start feeling bad after eating red meat, have an allergist test you for the IGE tickers for bovine, swine and Alpha-Gal.

For those that are concerned about the effects of DEET or Permethrin, another product PICARIDIN is plant based and is as effective as the others. There is "Ranger Ready 20% Picaridin Spray. Read more here:

Both DEET and PICARIDIN are effecting in repelling ticks, while Permethrin will actually kill the tick. I found Permethrin to be more effective in repelling ticks then DEET.

As a birder we stand still much more often than a hiker, so it gives ticks more opportunity to find a home. It is easy to rub against tree brush above and to the sides so long-sleeve shirts and a pre-treated hat also helps.

Do note that Patuxent North/South tracts ticks are known to carry Lymes disease to be extra protected when visiting these locations.

Hope this helps!

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