Date: 5/9/19 9:08 am
From: Scott O'Donnell <scott...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Happy Trails
Dear Mr. Irons,

If the universe isn't trying to tell you something, I will.

You don't know me, but we met briefly in Tillamook while watching the
Dickcissel earlier this year. I'm not new to being passionate about
birds or birding, but I am only a few years new to ebird and the social
aspects of birding (obol, etc.). In that time my knowledge, passion, and
experiences (not to mention my life list), have grown to levels I never
even knew existed. I have you and many other of the good folks of obol
to thank for that.

I love ebird and I use it for most of, if not all, the reasons that have
been mentioned - personal record keeping, the competitive spirit (in a
playfully amusing way), as a learning resource, and most of all it makes
me feel good about being part of a citizen science project. For that
last part, it is very important to me that my reports to ebird will be

In other words, I've been hearing you brother!

Thank you very much for your time, thoughts, opinions, and advice, that
you've so selfishly shared here on obol. I, for one, hope that you

(maybe you already have, that Petrel challenge proved irresistible bait)

Good birding to you sir.


Scott O'Donnell

Troy, Wallowa County

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On 2019-05-08 14:46, David Irons wrote:
> Greetings all,
> I’ve been an on and off and on again participant in this forum for
> roughly twenty years. It has been mostly a value added experience and
> I would hope that my participation has been ledger positive overall.
> Over recent years my inclination to say what I think and offer
> opinions that the majority of subscribers may not agree with has
> evoked more grief and bad feelings than meaningful discussion and
> healthy disagreement. It has become increasingly abundant that my
> personality does not play well in a forum like OBOL. For this reason
> I’ve decided to give OBOL a break and likely a permanent one.
> I know that some of you value my thoughts on tricky bird ID’s,
> historical perspective on status and distribution, or have eBird
> questions. Feel free to contact me directly via email and I will
> happily respond to those and other birding questions. And if you are
> in the Portland area and want to go birding I am always up for that
> (work schedule permitting). You are likely to discover I am infinitely
> more fun in person than some in this forum think I am.
> I hope for the sake of those who subscribe to this forum that it
> continues to provide you enjoyment and perhaps some alternate
> perspectives to consider.
> Dave Irons
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