Date: 5/8/19 2:08 pm
From: David Irons <llsdirons...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Ebird tutorial and lengthy posts

Mary and all,

If you go to the main eBird page<> and click on “Help” at the top of the page there is a long roster of tutorial links that should answer most of the questions that you have.

Near the top of this list under the first green sub-heading in the left column “building your skills” there is a link to “making your checklists more valuable.” This section describes the advantages of doing stationary vs traveling counts, how to count and estimate, and limiting the distance of traveling checklists.

In the past the Audubon Society of Portland has offered intro to eBirding classes. I don’t know if other bird clubs and Audubon Societies are doing the same. What I would recommend is clicking on the “Explore” link at the eBird home page, then scroll down to “Top 100.” Enter your local county and see who the most prolific eBirders are for your area and reach out to those with their name highlighted in blue (they have a profile) and invite yourself along for a day in the field with them to learn in a more interactive way. Over the years Shawneen and I have helped a number of folks learn the tricks that make eBirding easier and less time-consuming

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Is there an "Ebird for Dummies" type course I could take? I downloaded it onto my phone a year ago, tried to post my list from Prineville Reservoir, but it wouldn't take it, so I haven't tried anything since. Can't figure out how to look anything up either. I don't plan to enter anything while in the field, because I'm too busy being "in the moment" and looking at other animals and landscapes, often while walking a dog and/or managing hiking poles. So I prefer tallying up the list later. I really don't know how to start using it. Maybe Audubon could have a class once in awhile.

Also, I'm intimidated by these long-winded bird-nerd techy posts and the overwhelming number of them. Never see that on Tweeters or frankly any other list I'm on. It would be nice if there was another list for these kind of conversations and just a friendly regular OBOL for bird sightings.

Venting complete. :-)

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