Date: 5/8/19 9:39 am
From: Rebecca Hartman <rhartman...>
Subject: [obol] Bittern in the open
I'm curious to learn how common it is for Bitterns to be in the open, and
why they might be.
I took a friend to Fernridge yesterday afternoon and as we walked west on
the Royal path we saw a bird on the side of the path just past the turn to
the platform. It appeared to be a Bittern in typical vertical head pose.
Not convinced that light and angle might not be making a GBH into a
Bittern, we crept forward as slowly as possible. It was clearly a Bittern
and it did eventually fly, fully confirming for me. I was initially more
skeptical than my companion, because I've never encountered a Bittern in
the open like that.
Thanks in advance for any illumination on this.


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