Date: 5/8/19 6:53 am
From: Ryan Tomazin <wvwarblers...>
Subject: Allegheny County - Bridgeville Ravens
Hello all,

The ravens are making it hard to get any work done these past two mornings. If you need them for a county list, or just want to enjoy them, find a vantage point in Bridgeville and just sit tight. All four are dive-bombing each other and playing over the town. The odd thing about this whole season with the ravens is that only one vocalizes (at one time?). I've never heard two. As if to mock that sentiment, two Killdeer are now outside my window, both vocalizing. The only birds here more often than the ravens, and the Killdeer are at it all night, too.


Ryan Tomazin - Bridgeville, PA
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