Date: 5/7/19 8:40 pm
From: Brandon Caswell <brandon.caswell83...>
Subject: [ia-bird] Johnson-Linn County great birding
I went not once, but twice to Hickory Hill Park today. This morning at the
Warbler Walk there was good activity between 6:30-7:00am. Activity waned
off as the temp decreased and it got windy. Eventually the winds calmed a
little and it got warmer. Warbler activity really spiked again after that
and seemed steady headed into the afternoon. I got the impression that
migrants didn't really leave after the frenzy yesterday, but stayed and
were more spread out. I finished the day with 19 species of warblers (7


Hickory Hill Park #1:
-Blackburnian, Blue-winged, Golden-winged, Blue-headed Vireo (I believe the
walked finished with around 15 warbler species)

Squire Point:
-Mark Brown's two Black-crowned Night-Herons in the hardwood forest
-Pileated Woodpecker
-Yellow-throated Warbler (at least 13 warbler species still lingering
here), had one bins view with seven warbler species in close association

Hickory Hill Park #2:
-Thanks to James Huntington and Diana Pesek for calling me back. Dean
Hester was in another part of the park and I was able to get him over to
the eye-level feeding Blackburnians (3 males) and one lifer male Cape May
Warbler for him. BTW, his pictures about made me fall over backwards! We
had 13 warbler species this time.
-Hermit Thrush
-Eastern Wood-Pewee

Cedar Lake:
-Wilson's Warbler (11 warbler species on this stop, all along the paved
trail at the migrant trap, north end of the lake)
-two Clay-colored Sparrows (along paved trail along east side, on east side
of trail where there are some short pines along a small lawn, they were
feeding in the grass and going to the fence to perch)

Sleep is overrated during peak migration. :)

Good birding,
Brandon Caswell

P.S. - Doug, thanks for the title idea...and thanks for finding that
perched Henslow's at the meeting!!

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