Date: 5/7/19 11:37 am
From: Kevin Smith <kevinsmithnaturephotos...>
Subject: [obol] Exciting morning
WHEW!  What a morning!  I'm sitting here at my desk processing my
February Bird photos when suddenly there is a great ruckus.  What
sounded like a Kestrel INSIDE my attic!  Right over my HEAD!  On and on
it went for some time.  I rushed outside to see if it was stuck on the
roof somewhere or did it get into the attic through a Flicker hole. 
Nothing, no holes in the house.  By this time I was hoping the poor bird
wasn't buried in my insulation (ours is quite deep).  I continued
downstairs and got my ladder.  Opened up the attic access.  Climbed in,
turned on the light but no bird.  We had had a bird work its way through
the vent fan last year because the screen wasn't strong enough so I
checked that. NOTHING.  My mind is racing trying to figure out what is
going on.  I even checked behind the books on the shelf in case the bird
had flown in somehow when a door was open.  Still nothing.

THEN the calling started again and I discovered that the sound was
coming from one of my computer speakers (up in the corner)!

DANG!!  I had been watching the Peregrine nest cam at UC Berkley and
forgot to back out of the image!  Papa had come in with food and both
chicks and Mama were calling.

Now THAT had raised my blood pressure a bit, but now I'm better and have
gone back to watching the nest cam.  With the sound OFF!

Kevin Smith

Crooked River Ranch

Oh.  And by the way that nest cam is at

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