Date: 5/6/19 12:20 pm
From: bob augustine <augustinebob8...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Bewick's Wren
I understand all the reasons why people prefer this or that Internet list (Clive).But I think we all need to consider what we are trading away for their advantages.

One respondent (Rick Sussman) indicated he had read the report but didn't say where or tell me the street address. I thought it was probably a mistaken ID too, but why not check it out just to be sure. If it was walking distance from where he lives, I'm sure he would.

In this most connected generation, birders are all going our separate ways. Many states now have a setup that won't allow anyone from out of state to comment or even contact a poster. Is this progress?

Gail: A few years ago the first confirmed nesting of Mississsippi Kites in Maryland occurred near Salisbury. There have probably been a couple of others but I haven't heard of any confirmations. This seems odd since there are so many in Fairfax and Prince William Counties in Virginia.

Bob Augustine

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