Date: 5/5/19 6:02 pm
From: Erik Ostrander <erik.d.ostrander...>
Subject: [obol] 1st Sunday Cannon Beach Bird Walk
This morning was the Monthly bird walk in Cannon Beach. We could not have
asked for better weather this morning. 6 birders were in attendance,
though again I was unable to attend the entire walk, we had 24 species in
the first hour before I had to leave.

The migrants are definitely here in full force. We had all expected
species of SWALLOWS right from the parking lot, except the PURPLE MARTINS
that should be showing up any day now. I was able to get a couple pictures
of the cooperative TREE SWALLOWS and we enjoyed the antics of BARN
circles low and high near the parking lot.

The path along the eastern half of the settling ponds is currently closed
but that closure did not ruin the walk.

WILSON'S WARBLERS were calling continuously throughout the entire walk I
even got a couple recordings and pictures of those tiny warblers.

Right before Hannah and I had to leave to get back to work we had a flyover
of a COOPER'S HAWK up near the aeration basins.

Spring is here!

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Happy Birding,

Erik Ostrander,
Co-Founder of "Hannah and Erik Go Birding" Podcast
Manager of The Sea Breeze Court <>

*Cannon Beach bird walk meets at 9:00am the 1st Sunday of each month at the
Cannon Beach Sewage Lagoon. Join us!*

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