Date: 5/5/19 5:21 pm
From: Charles Gates <cgates326...>
Subject: [obol] Crooked River Wetlands Today - Bean Goose No Leucistic BB photos
Today I was joined by Cindy Zalunardo and her parents as we toured the
Crooked River Wetlands in Prineville.  The weather was perfect and the
birding moderate.  First, we did not locate the Bean-Goose.  However, I
did get a life bird pair today.  I don't recall ever seeing two
leucistic birds of different species in one day.  Today we had leucistic
Yellow-headed and Brewer's Blackbirds at the wetlands.  Only Least and
Spotted for sandpipers although I thought we had a Willet that got
away.  Lots of other great looks at stuff.  See photos on my eBird

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Chuck Gates
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