Date: 5/5/19 4:10 pm
From: Hopkins, Jeff A. <Jeff.Hopkins...>
Subject: Decent Fallout in Lehigh
Hi PABirders

I went out to Leaser Lake this morning to see what the storm dropped in. The two Common Loons were still at the north parking area but not much else. After that, I made a run up the mountain where I had a few Yellow-rumps, a Worm-eating, a couple Black-throated Blues, a Black-throated Green, two Parulas, and a late Ruby-crowned Kinglet, but no Hooded or Cerulean. I came down via Leaser Rd. where I had a male and female Blue Grosbeak at the vineyard where they were found yesterday.

I finished up at the west parking area, where I had a few more Yellow-rumps plus a DC Cormorant on the far shore, and while scanning the swallow and martin flocks (one cliff swallow), a Herring Gull flew in and circled the lake. I was about to pack it in, when another big bird flew in: a Caspian Tern. He was quickly joined by two more! The three of them flew around the lake for a while, flew off, but came back and flew around the lake a few more times. Sweet.

I next did the Utt Rd. fields where I had 6 male Bobolinks, a Meadowlark, and Grasshopper and Savannah Sparrows. From there I headed toward Blue Mountain House Rd., but on the way heard a Golden-winged Warbler in this little tiny brushy patch on Steinsville Rd. I got out to make sure it wasn't a messed up Blue-winged. Nope. Golden-winged - a new county bird for me. While looking at him, two Tennessee Warblers started singing, and while chasing them, a Black-billed Cuckoo spoke up. Finally as I got back in the car (soaked), a Vesper Sparrow started singing. Not bad for a little tiny patch.

From there, I made a quick stop on Bake Oven Rd. to pick up the Hooded and Cerulean (and three more Worm-eating), then after working my way through the farm fields, I ended up on Cetronia Rd. to check out the flooded field. I had both yellowlegs, a few Solitary and Least Sands, and a lone Semipalmated Sandpiper. While scoping, I also heard a Horned Lark. I also had a bit of a gull fallout there: 18 Ring-bills, a Herring, and three Lesser Black-backs. After that I made a quick run to Congdon Hill Rd. in Alburtis, where I had two Ravens sitting on the construction equipment. I ended up at Dorney Park where the storm dropped in two female Buffleheads and a female Common Merg.

I ended up with 104 species on the day, which is a few short of my personal daily record for the county. I guess it was a kind of big day.

Good birding,

Jeff Hopkins


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