Date: 5/5/19 8:11 am
From: Kate StJohn <0000000f59b962a9-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Lots of new arrivals May 1-4, Schenley Park, Pittsburgh, Allegheny
The birding was fantastic in Schenley Park on Wed May 1 thru Sat May 4.  It was so fantastic that I had no time for bird bookkeeping so I am only now sending this because it's rainy and cold today. 

Looking back here are Best Bird new arrivals and my eBird checklists
Wed May 1:  Near home (in sight of Schenley) & at Schenley Park
Least flycatcher (heard), purple finch!, Ovenbird, Cerulean warbler, Tennessee warbler, plus Scarlet Tanagers and Rose-breasted grosbeaks.  It was a huge day for Ruby-crowned kinglets
Thu May 2: two checklists for Schenley
1st chimney swifts, great crested flycatcher was a good find for Schenley, white-crowned sparrows, black-throated green and black-and-white warblers. The wood thrushes came back.  It was a big day for Yellow-rumped warblers

Fri May 3: thrasher (heard at the golf course), Nashville and Hooded warblers both seen

Sat May 4:
40 species -- excellent for Schenley.  First ruby-throated hummingbird at Bartlett-end Tufa Birdge, gray catbird in my neighborhood, red-eyed vireo. The house wren is back at Panther Hollow Lake

Kate St. John, Pittsburgh
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