Date: 5/4/19 10:12 pm
From: Jack Maynard <jmaynard...>
Subject: [obol] Wood Peewee or Olive Sided? Help!
Hello Birders,

I had a great eBird big day birding today, and am ready for my Portland
Audubon Birdathon tomorrow, bicycling SE PDX with the Handle-barred Owls. I
birded this morning with my wife Kelli Van Norman and Patty N at Pittock and
ran into Nick M and Peyton who were having a crazy Warbler day. We all saw
Townsends, Wilsons, OCs, Nashvilles, Black-throated Grays and tons of
Tanagers. Kelli, Patty and I saw a MacGilivray's (Thanks Patty!) as well as
5 flyover Cedar Waxwings. Nick and Peyton heard a Hermit Warbler, and after
we split groups we looked hard for it but never found it.

Later I birded my favorite Portland spot Whitaker Ponds and had what I
originally believed to be an Olive-sided Flycatcher. I got lots of pics,
including one of it with a Red-tailed Hawk, but the darned thing never
vocalized. I was sure with what I saw was a vest and the longish
wings-to-tail ratio it was Olive-sided, but when I got home and looked at
the pics I changed my ID to Western Wood-peewee, which I've seen at Whitaker
before. is my checklist with pictures,
including the interesting one of the Hawk and flycatcher.

I'd love to hear from the folks with opinions-I'd really love to be wrong as
an Olive-sided would be a first for me at this location.

Thanks in advance and Good Birding!

Jack Maynard

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