Date: 5/4/19 4:24 am
From: Phil Davis <pdavis...>
Subject: Re: [MDBirding] Bewick's Wren
Hi MDBirders:

As George Jett suggested, you can view all of the reports and records
of Bewick's Wren that I have captured for the MD/DC Records Committee
in our on-line, abridged, Maryland database. Here are the specifics ...

Take this link (below) to the new MOS-MD/DCRC web pages and it will
directly download the abridged MD database. Note: it is a large PDF
document, so DON'T PRINT IT!

You can do a search/find for "bewick's wren" or go directly to page
124 and you can find the beginning of all of the recorded reports and
records of Bewick's Wren for Maryland, starting in 1883. You can
watch the reports taper out, over time.

"Back in the day," this species was not uncommon in Maryland and was
not "reviewable" so most observers felt no compunction to take
detailed notes or photographs. Most of the listed reports are
"Reviewable" which means that the report was published but detailed
documentation is not available; however, we hold some hope (albeit
minuscule) of locating some details. At some point, we will convert
all of those "Reviewable" reports to "Unreviewable," meaning that we
have officially given up any hope of locating documentation.

I compiled all of these observations of this extirpated species
primarily for posterity and future researchers.

The complete, unabridged, database includes additional details, such
as observers' names, published references, detailed locations, etc.

Hope that helps.


At 06:21 05/04/2019, Bob Ringler wrote:
> I was with Mark Hoffman and others on a Baltimore Bird Club
> excursion to Western Maryland in 1976 when Mark discovered the
> Bewick's Wren nest on Dan's Rock in 1976. Mark also found
> fledglings there in 1980. Dick Johnson photographed one bird there
> in 1988 but there has been no further evidence of nesting in the state.
> For basic information about Maryland's extirpated breeders and
> occasional breeders start with the first breeding bird atlas,
> Appendix C on pages 444-445. Mississippi Kite and others can be
> found in the second atlas on pages 439-441.
> For additional information see articles in the local journals -
> Maryland Birdlife and the Atlantic Naturalist (formerly The Wood Thrush).

Phil Davis, Secretary
MD/DC Records Committee
2549 Vale Court
Davidsonville, Maryland 21035 USA

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