Date: 5/3/19 6:54 pm
From: Donna Lee Scott <dls9...>
Subject: RE: [cayugabirds-l] bobolinks and yellowthroat/mowing
Hi Eric,

The Cornell U. Cooperative Extension publication entitled Hayfield Management and Grassland Bird Conservation by Jim Ochterski (CCE of Schuler County; <jao14...><mailto:<jao14...>) says this on page 2:

“To be considered good habitat for grassland birds, a grass hayfield needs to remain substantially unmown through the breeding season, which begins in early May and ends by mid-July across most of New York State. During this time hayfields grow vigorously, providing shelter, nesting areas among the grass stems, and a source of insects that comprise bird diets. Any significant disturbance, like mowing or manure application, will cause most nest to fail. Alfalfa hay stands are generally unsuitable for grassland birds.

In New York, breeding grassland birds will begin identifying territories from late April through May. Nest building and egg laying occur through early June and young birds tend to hatch by mid to late June. The ability to fly for cover and feeding(called ‘fledging’ ) develops by early July.”

The article has a calendar which shows the dates May 14 thru July 22 as times when MOWING DETRIMENTAL to grassland birds.

Full article here:


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Subject: Re: [cayugabirds-l] bobolinks and yellowthroat

Speaking of Bobolinks, my neighbor just asked me if it was ok to mow now before they make their nests. I wasn't sure of best timing for early mowing so wanted to touch base with the collective experience on this list. What are best practices I can share with my neighbors as far as when to NOT mow (beginning and end of season) to support field birds.
Danby, NY
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