Date: 5/3/19 1:52 pm
From: Audrey Addison <audrey.e.addison...>
Subject: [obol] Red Knot with leg flag, Sunset Beach
Hi all,

The Red Knot I encountered on Apr 29th at Sunset Beach, OR was banded in
Mexico (Baja California Sur) possibly prior to 2014. See deets below from
the bird lab at Autonomous University of Baja California Sur.

Browsing the photos on their facebook page...looks like they encounter a
lot of knots. Pretty neat.

[image: IMG_5452 (1).JPG]

Buena observación de aves,


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From: Adriana Hernández Alvarez <ahdezalvarez13...>
Date: Thu, May 2, 2019 at 11:21 AM
Subject: Re: Red Knot with leg flag, Sunset Beach
To: Jonathan Vargas Vega <jonathan...>, <
Cc: Antonieta Valenzuela Badillo <antonieta...>

Dear Audrey, Toni, and Jonathan,
Thank you for sending and forward me this observation. We banded this Knot
in Guerrero Negro wetland complex, Baja California Sur, unfortunately,
since we don't know the inscription code in the yellow flag, we can't
determine in what year it was banded. It is possible that it is prior to
2014, for most of these flags we have to make much more effort to read the
I hope you have a chance to find another banded Knot.

Please feel free to visit our Facebook page ( [although in Spanish]), to find more
information about the birds we have banded in Mexico.

Best regards,

El mar., 30 abr. 2019 a las 18:04, Jonathan Vargas Vega (<
<jonathan...>) escribió:

> Hola Toni
> Te pongo en contacto con Adriana de Pronatura Noroeste quien trabaja en el
> Alto Golfo con los Playeros Rojizos, ella nos puede decir más información
> sobre este bicho posiblemente ellos anillaron.
> Adriana, mi compañera Toni es quien coordina las redes sociales de Terra y
> el correo donde nos escribió la persona para solicitar información sobre
> este playero rojizo, y al igual que la persona que lo reporta, también nos
> gustaría conocer un poco más la historia de este bicho de ser posible
> Saludos
> El mar., 30 abr. 2019 a las 15:46, Antonieta Valenzuela Badillo (<
> <antonieta...>) escribió:
>> Hola Jonathan.
>> Nos enviaron este correo a través de <info...> :)
>> Saludos.

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From: Audrey Addison <audrey.e.addison...>
Date: Tue, Apr 30, 2019 at 2:24 PM
Subject: Red Knot with leg flag, Sunset Beach
To: obol <obol...>

Hi all,

I partook in the shorebirding joy yesterday at Sunset Beach and
photographed a Red Knot with leg flags (left leg: top flag yellow, bottom
red). I've reported it via the USGS website
<>, but if anyone has another
connection please pass it on. Looking forward to learning more about it.

[image: IMG_0426-2.jpg]

Happy shorebirding,


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