Date: 5/3/19 10:08 am
From: David Hargreaves <hargred...>
Subject: [obol] Clark's Grebe at Pintail Marsh (Ankeny)
Question for Ankeny regulars...on Tuesday, I observed a Clark's Grebe in
the NW corner of the eastern most pond behind Pintail Marsh. It was 10-15
feet from the levee bank, pretty inactive. It did not appear to be hunting,
and dove under only once when a Harrier flew over. I watched it closely
from just behind the rise of the levee for about 10 minutes.
Unfortunately, I didn't have a phone, and couldn't take a photo. But I'm
quite confident about the ID in that it was a breeding adult, and between a
Western and a Clark's, it clearly showed the boundary line of the black
head-cap well above the red eye, and a grayish back (rather than dark). I
don't normally post, but I've not seen any reports on this. So, assuming my
ID is correct, is this at all unusual? And which would be more surprising
for this time of year, Clark's or Western? Thanks in advance. -dh

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