Date: 5/3/19 8:38 am
From: Barbara Malt <bcm0...>
Subject: request for public hummingbird station locations
A birder and author from Oregon wrote to a number of local Audubon chapters
and other people saying that he is working on a new book about
hummingbirds, a project aimed at bringing more awareness of, knowledge
about, and enthusiasm for hummingbirds to the general public. I said I
would post here for him. He asks:

I am creating a list of publicly accessible locations that maintain
hummingbird feeding stations and/or gardens frequented by hummers, such as
Audubon properties/sanctuaries/centers, state wildlife areas,
refuges/refuge headquarters, public gardens, and even private properties
(such as restaurants) open to the public with a long track record of
catering to hummingbirds. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Please
email locations to me <atshewey...>

Thank you!



Barbara Malt
Lehigh County
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