Date: 5/2/19 6:12 pm
From: Roy Gerig <roygerig...>
Subject: [obol] Salem to Newport and back again today
There are two or more things going on for me at the same time here and that
often leads to bad writing style, but it's real.

I had an MRI yesterday to find out what my fate is, mobility or not,
paralysis or not, living or dead or somewhere in between (That is so off
topic, with my apologies, I am on pins and needles now, waiting to hear
more about it)

Early this morning I saw Jay Withgott's post, one of the more impressive
shorebirds lists I have seen, from yesterday. I called Jack Presley and so
we went to follow up on it. One of the first stops was at Boiler Bay where
we birded with Jay awhile, and he and I think he got lucky and hit it just
right yesterday maybe not so much today..We saw a few hundred WHIMBREL, no
Godwits or other large shorebirds, and a good group or two of SANDERLINGS
TERNS, Jack got the best photos of BRANDTS CORMORANTS that he ever did
from Cascade Head.

On the way home, we stopped at Baskett Slough, and saw 2 to 4 BLACK-NECKED
STILTS, heard a couple of SORAS and I saw my FOY SPOTTED SANDPIPER. I
haven't ebirded yet to find the number exactly, but I saw 6 to 9(10) new
year birds today.

This is one of the best times of the year, and I like it a lot
Roy Gerig Salem OR

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