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Subject: [MDBirding] DC Area, 4/30/2019
Hotline: Voice of the Naturalist
Date: 4/30/2019
Coverage: MD/DC/VA/central and southern DE/WV panhandle
Reports, comments, questions: <voice...>
Compilers: Frank Boyle
Sponsor: Audubon Naturalist Society of the Central
Atlantic States (independent of NAS)
Transcriber: Steve Cordle

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This is the Voice of the Naturalist, a service of the Audubon
Naturalist Society. This report covers the week starting Tuesday,
April 30, and was completed on Wednesday, May 1,2019 at approximately
5:00 AM, with bits blatantly purloined from last week's report.

Information on noteworthy birds is presented below in taxonomic order,
as set forth in the American Ornithological Society Checklist for
North and Middle American Birds, as revised through the 59th
supplement (June 2018).


many, many warblers, SUMMER and SCARLET TANAGER, EVENING

CANVASBACK was reported at several locations, including three at
Horsehead Sanctuary (Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center) in
Grasonville, MD (Queen Anne's) on April 23.

A lone REDHEAD was seen on Saxis Road, Accomack CO, VA on April 26.

A RING-NECKED DUCK sauntered by at Seneca Creek State Park,
Gaithersburg, Montgomery Co, MD on April 23.

A SURF SCOTER was doing the half-pipes at Lake Holiday (restricted
access/gated community) in Frederick County, VA on April 26.

One LONG-TAILED DUCK was at Assateague SP by the causeway in Worcester
on April 26.

COMMON GALLINULE spun about in the water at Patuxent/North Tract, Anne
Arundel Co, MD on April 27.

EURASIAN COLLARED–DOVE was reported in several locations; the pesky
invasive was last seen on April 26 in Kent CO, Delaware.

You know it's spring when YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO shows up! One was
stuffing itself on caterpillars at Gunpowder Falls SP, Baltimore CO,
MD on April 27.

COMMON NIGHTHAWKS are on the wing north again, with small numbers seen
at several locations, including one April 28 over a private residence
near Greenville ES in Brookville, Montgomery Co.

Widely reported are returning RUBY-THROATED HUMMINGBIRDS including one
at my feeders on April 30, Rohrersville, Washington CO, MD.

PURPLE SANDPIPER thrilled a birder on April 28 at Chesapeake Beach
Veterans Memorial Park, Calvert CO, MD.

Doing the Snake-Dance again were ANHINGA at several locations,
including six continuing at Stumpy Lake Natural Area, Virginia Beach
VA on April 23.

AMERICAN BITTERN tried its best to imitate swaying reeds and grasses
but was discovered on April 26 at Bland Wade Lane, Nelson, VA. A LEAST
BITTERN tried to do the same on April 24 at Swan Harbor Farm Park,
Harford CO, MD. Two AMERICAN BITTERNS continue to fly about and "sing"
at Hughes Hollow, Montgomery Co, MD, with reports through at least
April 28.

TRICOLORED HERON delighted birders on April 23 (continuing) with three
noted at Stumpy Lake.

WHITE IBIS were recorded in Somerset CO, MD on April 23 at Dividing
Creek and Courthouse Hill Road.

Flycatcher species have returned. EASTERN WOOD-PEWEE was back at Swan
Harbor Farm Park in Harford CO, MD on April 26. ACADIAN FLYCATCHER
caught some flies and a nap at Fort Pickett, North Entrance, Nottoway
CO, VA on April 23. WILLOW FLYCATCHER was heard on April 23 at
Shenandoah NP, South River Falls Trail. LEAST FLYCATCHER was anything
but small to birders at Wengers Mill Road in Rockingham CO, VA on
April 25. GREAT-CRESTED FLYCATCHER made a birder smile at Runnymede
Park in Herndon, Fairfax Co, VA on April 25.

CLIFF SWALLOWS are back. Among many other locations, one was reported
at the Route 328 bridge in Talbot CO, MD.

BROWN-HEADED NUTHATCH, a coastal plain specialty in these parts, was
seen on April 24 at Milford Neck Wildlife Area, Big Stone Beach Road,
Kent CO, MD.

Various wrens are flitting about and scolding. A SEDGE WREN was at
Finzel Swamp, Garrett Co, MD on April 23. MARSH WREN was reported
widely, including one from Finzel Swamp on April 28.

SWAINSON'S THRUSH serenaded at Patterson Park, Baltimore, MD on April
25. The eerie call of the VEERY was noted in several locations,
including at Eastwind, Sussex CO, DE on April 25.

A YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT, demoted from the warblers, was reported from
Talbot Co, MD.

WARBLERS: BLUE-WINGED WARBLER April 28 Back Bay NWR, Virginia Beach,
VA; GOLDEN-WINGED WARBLER April 26 Observatory Mountain, Albemarle CO,
VA; TENNESSEE WARBLER April 25 Liberty Watershed, Bollinger Mill Road,
Carroll CO, MD; NASHVILLE WARBLER April 28 James River Park, Reedy
Creek, Richmond VA; CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLER April 25 Great Dismal Swamp
NWR, Canal Trail, Chesapeake, VA; MAGNOLIA WARBLER April 28 Millington
Environmental Research Center, Anne Arundel CO, MD; BLACKBURNIAN
WARBLER April 26, Patuxent Research Refuge, Anne Arundel, MD;
YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER April 23 Assateague, Life of the Forest Trail,
Worcester CO, MD; PALM WARBLER April 28 Fairfax Pond-Rehe WMA,
Preston, WV;
BAY-BREASTED WARBLER April 25 Patuxent River Park, Wooton's Landing,
Anne Arundel CO, MD; BLACKPOLL WARBLER April 28 Milford Mill Park,
Baltimore CO, MD; CERULEAN WARBLER April 28, Spotsylvania Court House
Battlefield, Spotsylvania, VA; PROTHONOTARY WARBLER April 23, Swift
Shoals Road, Clarke CO, VA; WORM-EATING WARBLER, April 24 Union
Springs, Rockingham CO, VA; OVENBIRD April 24 Twenty-six!! Counted,
Union Springs, Rockingham CO, VA; KENTUCKY WARBLER April 26 Stumpy
Lake Natural Area, Virginia Beach, VA; HOODED WARBLER April 24
Monticello Park, Alexandria, VA; WILSON'S WARBLER April 28 Fairfax
Pond-Rehe WMA, Preston, WV; CANADA WARBLER April 27 Pembroke-Dewberry,
Giles, VA

WHEW! 20 Warbler Species! WoooHoooo!

A SUMMER TANAGER was convinced it was actually summer with all of the
warm weather lately at Patuxent/North Tract, Anne Arundel CO, MD on
April 27.

Also, on April 27 at Patuxent/North Tract, Anne Arundel CO, MD was a
crimson beauty SCARLET TANAGER.

EVENING GROSBEAKS apparently haven't heard that the weather is
changing. One was sighted on April 23 at CBR Home (?), Tucker, WVA.

ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK are being reported widely, including one at
Gwynn Oak, Dickeyville, MD on April 24.

BLUE GROSBEAK, a favorite of mine, was the envy of birders at Perryman
Park, Harford Co, MD on April 24.

It wouldn't be the Mid-Atlantic in the spring without BALTIMORE
ORIOLE! Numerous reports are in from all states, and in VA one was at
Glade Creek Road and trail, Raleigh, WVA on April 23.

ORCHARD ORIOLE was seen at Asheville Park Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA on
April 23.

PINE SISKIN was on the way north, with stragglers noted from
Baltimore, Howard, Montgomery, and Worcester Counties, MD.

BOBOLINK was bubbling its wonderful song at Lake Artemsia, Prince
George's CO, MD on April 25.

INDIGO BUNTINGS are all over the place, swarming.

This week's report was based on reports on the DE, MD, VA and WV list
servers, eBird records and various birding pages on Facebook.

The Audubon Sanctuary Shop (301-652-3606, is an excellent source for
guidebooks and many other nature-related titles.

To report bird sightings, e-mail your report to <voice...>
Please post reports before Midnight Monday, identify the county as
well as the state, and include your name and a Tuesday morning
contact, e-mail or phone.

Thank you for your interest and enjoy the birds!

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