Date: 5/2/19 10:08 am
From: Gail Mackiernan <katahdinss...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Good morning at Wheaton Regional Park, May 2.
Hi all,

We didn’t get out as early as we had wished, but arrived just as the morning fog was burning off. Fog, coupled with southerly winds during the night, can often result in a fallout of migrants, so we were hopeful. It was quiet at first, but soon we heard birds starting to tune up. Also, as the morning warmed, thousands of termite alates began to emerge from various stumps and fallen logs in scattered locations in the park. This attracted little feeding flocks of warblers and other species, right at eye level. Very satisfying!

We had 13 species of Warbler, and undoubtedly missed some as just two sets of eyes. After Yellow-rumps (estimated 20+), the most abundant species were Black-throated Blue - singing everywhere - with at least 15 seen, as well as Yellowthroats, Black-and-Whites, Ovenbirds, and Parulas. Northern Waterthrush, Worm-eating, Redstart, Cape May, Canada, Blue-winged, and Magnolia - the last 6 singletons only - rounded out the list. Other species of interest included Yellow-throated Vireo, Scarlet Tanager, Purple Finch, Blue Grosbeak and Yellow-breasted Chat. Interestingly no flycatchers other than the locally breeding Kingbirds and Great Cresteds.

The full eBird list of 64 species can be seen here:

Gail Mackiernan and Barry Cooper
Colesville, MD

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